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Kid’s Triathlon

Kids' Triathlon is a program that encourages healthy active living, fun, life-long participation, safety, building of skills and the involvement of youth. The program includes swimming, biking and running components. The emphasis is on fun, non-competitive participation at the early stages, over short distances appropriate for each age group.

Join “Red Star Triathlon Club”, for one of the fastest growing and coolest sports in the World! Regardless of skill level or experience, the only requirement is that you must be motivated. We'll work on skills specific to swimming, biking, running and endurance.  

You'll train with a team of other kids that will become your friends and partners in achieving the same goals of improving fitness and competing in triathlons at the best level possible. Team directors and coaches will promote strong team sportsmanship and unity while preparing you and your teammates for a lifelong journey in the sport of triathlon. 

The youth triathlon race season starts in September and ends around July.  Our training sessions prepare athletes to participate in a variety of races including the Greek National Triathlon – Duathlon and Aquathlon Championships for Kids and juniors.  Team uniforms will be available for purchase early in the season, which can be worn at all the races.  Team uniforms consist of a team swim cap and a triathlon suit.

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