Only those who risk going too far, can possibly find out how far they can go. T.S. Elliot


We welcome you to the Triathlon World, the sport that combines swimming, cycling and running in one single event.

Triathlon events are becoming as popular as the weekend 5k road race. But now, instead of closing off a neighborhood loop, race directors are setting up orange cones, yellow tape, barricades, and bike racks throughout cities and entire towns for these multi-sport events that cover anywhere from 8 miles to an awe-inspiring 140 miles (Ironman full distance).

Compete a triathlon of any distance, and you qualify as an athlete of exceptional endurance and dedication. If you’re considering participating in a triathlon, or you’ve already started training for one, Red Star Triathlon Club welcomes you and proposes a fully personalized training program.

We assume that you know how to swim and you know how to ride a bike - but that’s as far as we go. Beyond your basic ability to stay afloat and stay upright, we’re prepared for anything. If you’re just getting off the couch, you’ll be provided by a training schedule and the guidance of professional trainers.

We provide details on mastering the correct stroke, spin, or form to conserve energy and prevent injury. We offer you tips on keeping your energy up for training and racing by fueling with the best foods, as well as easy-to-follow training schedules for each event distance, broken out by week, sport and day. Beyond nutrition and training schedules, we provide you with a detailed program to making your muscles stronger and more flexible to improve your triathlon performance and reduce your chances of being sidelined due to injury.

You can train for a triathlon and have a life. Training for any distance event is a commitment. We can’t promise it won’t consume your mind, but we can offer training guidelines so that your time in the water or on the road doesn’t chew up every available minute of your day.

Another field that our Club operates is the swimming lessons for disabled and people with special needs. The basics for getting someone disabled swimming is recognizing the importance and joy it will give in a disabled persons life.

Children with special needs can potentially be over-confident around water as they can lack an understanding of the dangers present in water environments. , Swimming lessons can provide important skills to help with minimizing these dangers. Swimming is a great leveler and can help children with special needs have fun in a non-competitive environment.

Classes can help with building confidence, aerobic fitness, flexibility, spatial and body awareness, gross motor coordination and control. Our Club offers adaptive swimming classes for children with special needs – ranging from vision impairment to autism.

Ironman Nice-France 2013

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