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Dimitris Tertzanlidis

image text Married and father of a young girl, was born in Athens (1966). In 1987 he graduated from the Swim Training Clinic of the Greek General Secretary of Athletics.

Dimitris is our Club’s head coach in swimming, especially for our junior academies for swimmers under the age of 18 years old. On the first level, juniors will learn the proper technique and stroke development in freestyle and backstroke. The children will also learn the basics of breaststroke kick and breaststroke arms separately. Racing turns and diving are introduced. On Level 2, freestyle and backstroke continue to be taught with concentration on kicking an swimming endurance. Breaststroke is introduced with the focus being on the timing of the stroke. The children will also learn the basics of butterfly arms and butterfly kick separately. The instructor will focus more on the technical aspects of breaststroke. On Level 3, with an endurance swim of 400-600 meters, children will learn racing pace, racing techniques and be introduced to racing strategies. Our instructor will focus on encouraging proper technique while swimming speed. Competition is encouraged and evaluated at swim and triathlon competitions.

Dimitris is also specialized in training swimmers with disabilities and since 1990 till today, he works as swim instructor at the School for children with disabilities “ERMIS”. He is also coaching the swimming team with disabled athletes “PIGASSOS KIPSELIS”.

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